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Marc Rothmeyer

Marc Rothmeyer

1 year ago


Trail Condition - Bridge out

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Icicle Creek
Icicle Creek
5140 Sky Meadows Rd, Cashmere, WA 98815, USA

HIKERS and HORSE USERS ALERT--The bridge on Icicle Creek Trail #1551, 1½ miles from the trailhead, was damaged over the winter and is not safe to use. This trail is located at the end of Icicle Valley, just beyond the Black Pine Horse Camp, and accesses the French Creek area of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Trails #1551 and #1595 are impacted and unavailable due to the loss of the use of this bridge. As high runoff is likely to continue for some time from the heavy winter snowpack, fording is not an option until water levels diminish. Contact the Wenatchee River Ranger District at 509-548-2550 for more information.

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